Awards for the Society for Media Psychology and Technology

Mary Karapetian Alvord, PhD

As immediate Past President, I chair the 2014 Awards committee. I would like to first thank all those who submitted nominations for these awards.  With many qualified individuals, it is not an easy task for the Awards Committee. The process of Division 46 awards is that a call is placed for nominations for each of the awards in The Amplifier Magazine, both the listserv and announce-only listserv, as well as the APA Monitor. The Awards committees meets to discuss the candidates and votes on the awards.  In addition, a Student subcommittee, led by Dr. Fran Blumberg, evaluated the student dissertation award.  Recommendations are made to the voting members of the Division 46 Board, who then vote to determine the final Awardees.

I compiled a list of all previous awardees.  If you notice an omission, please let me know as we are posting this to the division website.

Please plan to attend the Division 46 Social Hour on Friday, August 8th from 5-7 PM where 2014 Awards will be given! The Social Hour will be sponsored by the Fielding Graduate University, Media Psychology Program.

Division 46 Awards

Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Media Psychology and Technology: Alan Entin, PhD, and Brad Bushman, PhD
Distinguished Professional Contribution to Media Psychology and Technology: Pauline Wallin, PhD
Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contribution to Media Psychology and Technology: Pamela Rutledge, PhD
Student Dissertation Award: Allison Otto, PsyD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Richard Bedrosian, PhD
Distinguished Scientific Contribution: Dean Keith Simonton, PhD
Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contribution to Media Psychology: Christopher Ferguson, PhD
Student Dissertation Award: Debby Almonte, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Phillip Zimbardo, PhD
Distinguished Professional Contribution: Elizabeth Carll, PhD
Distinguished Early Career Scientific Contribution: Dana Klisanin, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Bernard Luskin, EdD
Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Frank Farley, PhD
Distinguished Professional Contribution: John Grohol, PsyD
Distinguished Scientific Contribution: Amy Nathanson
Distinguished Early Career Contributions: Ryan Niemiec, PsyD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Elaine Rodino, PhD
Distinguished Scientific Contribution: Doug Gentile, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Lenore Walker, EdD
Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Dorothy Singer, EdD
Distinguished Professional Contribution: Roger Klein, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Lawrence Kutner, PhD
Distinguished Scientific Contribution: Edward Donnerstein, PhD
Presidential Citation for Distinguished Contributions to the Public Understanding of Psychology: Aaron Beck, MD; Daniel Goleman, PhD; Robert Sternberg, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Florence Kaslow, PhD, ABPP
Distinguished Professional Contribution: Alan Entin, PhD
Student Dissertation/ Research: Stephen Hampe, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: Stuart Fischoff, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Achievement Award: L. Rowell Huesmann, PhD

Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Media Psychology: Lawrence Balter, PhD
Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Media Psychology: Dorothy Singer, EdD
Distinguished Dissertation Award: Kathrine Gapinski, PhD (First Division 46 Dissertation Award)
Presidential Citation: Elizabeth Carll, PhD    

Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Media Psychology: Leonard Eron
Distinguished Professional Contributions to Media Psychology: Fred Koenig
Presidential Citations: Alan Entin, Lilli Friedland, Florence Kaslow

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