Division 46 Convention Program: Washington, DC #APA2014 #Div46

Jerri Lynn Hogg, Co-Chair

Linda Gomberg, Co-Chair

Committee Members: Shayne Aquino, Danya Braunstein, Tunisha Singleton, Melody Stotler

Night sky with monuments in Washington, DCAPA is introducing a new convention-programming model this year.  In efforts to develop relationships across divisions and offer interdisciplinary presentations APA has allocated over 100 hours of programming for this initiative.  To be eligible for the collaborative programing (CPG) at least two divisions needed to be represented.  With a little bit of hustle, strong networks, and multi-skilled members, Division 46 has a strong presence on the CPG program.  The sessions include:

Psychologists Influencing Social Policy: Pathways, Challenges and Successes
8/09 Sat:  12 – 1:50 PM Convention Center 150A

Social Media, Facebook, and Texting: Implications of New Media Use by Clients and Clinicians
8/08 Fri:  8:00 – 9:50 AM Convention Center 151B

How Psychology Can Reduce Health Disparities through Proactive Smoking Interventions
8/07 Thu:  11:00  – 11:50 AM Convention Center 150B

Media Savvy Psychologists: Work With the Press so They Say What You Mean and You Mean What You Say
8/07 Thu:  1:00 – 1:50 PM Convention Center 150B

Flashdance—The Psychology of Dance, the Phenomenon of Flash Mob, the Neuroscience of Choreography
8/09 Sat:  12 – 1:50 PM Convention Center 151B

*APA President Nadine Kaslow in on the panel for the symposium

Division 46’s programming also includes a diverse media and technology rich list of symposia and posters. Several of the sessions have been identified as for continuing education and the APA Presidential track.

Division 46 is co-sponsoring Expanding Our Reach: Building Media Skills for Counseling Psychologists presented with Division 17 (The Society for Counseling Psychology) and Storytelling for Public Good presented with Division 34 (The Society for Environment, Population, and Conservation Psychology).  We are also co-listed on numerous sessions with other divisions.

Our social hour will be on Friday from 5–7 pm at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC Hotel in the Monument Room.  We invite you to come and bring along any colleagues that might share an interest in media psychology and technology.  Do not forget to share the news of our events by using #APA2014 and #DIV46 or receive up to date programming information by following us at #DIV46.

Symposium: Live and On Demand Extensions for Face-to-Face Conferences
8/07 Thu: 9:00 – 9:50 AM, Convention Center, East Salon D
Chair: Stephen M. Robinson
Participants: Stephen M. Robinson & Brendon Winters:  Accelerating Growth of Online Extensions for In-Person Conventions and the Reasons for It
Discussants: James T. Carpenter; Lauren Mulherrin

Symposium: High‑Tech Storytelling of Living the Good Life American Style
8/07 Thu: 11:00 AM -12:50 PM, Convention Center, Room 140A
Chair: Mary B. Gregerson
Participants: June Wilson.  Homeland: Sublime Portrayal or Cynical Stereotype of Bipolar Disorder?
Adam Fisher; Mary B. Gregerson; Benjamin Hamburger; Allycin Powell-Hicks.  Films: Waking Dreams With Archetypes and Storytelling for Human Welfare
James D. Ivory; Christopher Ferguson.Not Just Buttons: Games As Stories, Games As Choices
T. Franklin Waddell;  Erica Bailey.  Meaningful Responses to Entertainment, News, and Social Media Stories
Discussant: Rodney L. Lowman

Symposium: Best Practices in Producing and Consuming High‑Quality Research
8/07 Thu: 1:00 -1:50 PM, Convention Center, Room 140B
Co-Chairs: Joanne Broder Sumerson; Frank Farley
Participants:  Joanne Broder Sumerson;  Frank Farley:  Best Practices in Producing and Consuming High Quality Research

Executive Committee Meeting: Executive Committee
8/07 Thu: 2:00 – 2:50 PM, Marriott Marquis Washington DC Hotel, Union Station Room

Business Meeting: Executive Committee
8/07 Thu: 3:00  – 3:50 PM, Marriott Marquis Washington DC Hotel, Union Station Room

Symposium: Ethics and Emerging Technology—Media and Technology-Focused Perspective
8/08 Fri: 8:00 – 8:50 AM, Convention Center, Room 152B
Chair: Jerri Lynn Hogg
Shane Páse.  Ethical Concerns of Immersive Mobile‑Augmented Reality Applications
Crystal Connors.  Privacy Concerns in Mobile‑Augmented Reality Applications
Sean Thoennes.  Ethical Concerns of Life Extension Through the Digital Transfer of Consciousness
Garry Hare.  Ethics and the Competitive Advantage of Doing the Right Thing

Symposium: The Politics of Video-Game Research: How We Move Forward
8/08 Fri: 9:00- 9:50 AM, Convention Center, Room 207B
Chair: V.K. Kumar
Participant:  Christopher J. Ferguson:  The Deep Dark Woods: The Politics of Video-Game Research and How We Might Move Forward

Poster Session: Applications and Advances in Technology
8/08 Fri: 11:00 – 11:50 AM, Convention Center, Halls D and E

Swirsky, J. M., Milligan, F., & Raiff, B.  Systematic Review of Studies Utilizing Serious Games

Hall, L. R., Pugliano, G., & Klein, R. D.  Twitter As a Medium for Expressive Writing

Hersey, S. L., & Roysircar-Sodowsky, G.  Anorexia Nervosa: Benefits of Recovery-Oriented Websites

Auld, D. P., & Blumberg, F. C.  Flow and Learning in Computer-Mediated Learning Environments: A Meta-Analytic Review

Singleton, T. J.  Bullying in the NFL: Masculinity and Race Relations Within the Locker Room

LaTulip, S. E., Winstead, B. A., Lewis, R. J., & Scerbo, M. W.  Depression, Anxiety, and Attachment As Predictors of the Use and Quality of Cyber Communication

Akl, S. L., Roque, S., & Walker, L. E. Virtual Simulations and Avatars in Online Psychology Courses

Black, W. W., Mosley, D. V., Fedewa, A. L., & Kwakye, C. J. Breaking It Down: Media Literacy Training on Youth Online Performativity

Melody A., & Stotler, M. A.  Redefining Media Literacy: Variations on a Theme

Lee, Y-H., YU WU, J., Chung, P-C., & Lee, H.  College Students’ Metacognitive Profiles on the Internet and Academic Performance

Mendoza, J. S.  Digital Media and Memory: A Literature Review

Klisanin, D., & Denhof, M.  Collaborative Heroism: An Empirical Investigation

Silton, N. R., Arucevic, S., & Ruchlin, R.  Using Television and Book Media to Prevent Bullying and to Foster Sensitivity Toward Children With Disabilities

Howard, M. C., & Jayne, B.  Analyses of Over 1,300 Articles, 750 Scales, and 15 Years of Research in Cyberpsychology

Michael Otto, M., Adler, C., & McGrath, M. C.  Cyberbullying: Connections With Socioeconomic Status and Parenting Style

Osafo, J.  Perceptions About the Role of the Media in Suicide Prevention in Ghana

Gladfelter, J. A., & Friedman, D. R.  Texting During Homework: Does It Really Hamper Learning?

Schewe, E. M., & Lachney, M. L.  The Iceberg Metaphor in Psychoanalysis and Media Literacy Education

Lu, J-L., Yuan Sun, J.C., Chen, Y-L., & Chou, C.  Analysis of the Relationship Between Multitasking Motivation and Internet Self-Efficacy

Wall, J. R., Wall, D. G., & Locke, E. A.  What Makes Love Work and Not Work: Three Days in the Lives of a Couple

Marciano, A. W., & Favero, D. K.  Online Persona: Personality Characteristics Associated With Involvement in Cyberbullying

Symposium: Leveraging Virtual Worlds and Games to Gather Big Data for Assessment
8/08 Fri: 4:00 – 5:50 PM, Convention Center, Room 159
Co-Chairs: Alex Howland; Ron Rembisz
Participant:  Rodney L. Lowman:  Leveraging Virtual Worlds and Games to Gather Big Data for Assessment

SOCIAL HOUR: Division 46, The Society for Media Psychology and Technology Social Hour
8/08 Fri: 5:00 – 6:50 PM, Marriott Marquis Washington, DC Hotel, Monument Room
Join us for awards, raffles, festivities, nosh, and more

Poster Session: Media Effects
8/09 Sat: 9:00 – 9:50 AM, Convention Center, Halls D and E

Liu, C., Zhang, X., Sun, F., Wang, L., & Fu, X.  Effect of Violent Multiplayer Interactive Games on Players’ Explicit and Implicit Aggression

Jacobs, J. D., Cain, N., Papouchis, N., & Saunders, B.  Meharmony: The Manifestation of Narcissism in Online Dating Culture

Pennock, R. E., Draper, J. A., & Klein, R. D.  How Employment Status Impacts Facebook Profiles and Photos

Garmon, L. C., Patterson, M., Shultz, J. M., & Patterson, M. C. Influence of Death Obsession and Anxiety on Exposure to Popular Culture Media

McCreery, M. P., Krach, K., & Hamilton, N.  Exploring Gamer Traits: Personality’s Influence on Aggression and Aggressive Fantasies

Murray, M., & Goldfield, G.  Computer‑Mediated Social Networking, Withdrawal, and Emotional Eating Among Undergraduate Students

Brandt, J., & Wright, C. L. Sexually Suggestive Songs and Singers: Music Media’s Sexualization of Women

Braunstein, D. J., Hutchinson, D., & Wilson, J.  Appybabies: The Relationship Between Infant Temperament and Media Exposure

Gregory, L. H., Gadson, C. A., Dunn, M.G., & Griggs, T. L.  Exploring Legal Knowledge and Education on Sexting and Its Effects on Awareness of Sexual Violence

Gartner, T. M., & Blumberg, F. C. Gender Role Beliefs and Parents’ Acceptance of Traditional and Nontraditional Cartoon Characters

Favero, D. K., & Marciano, A. W. Some Day My Prince Will Come: Princesses, Gender Roles, and Romantic Beliefs

Olesek, K., Plewa, K., Poulakis, M., Kazi, N., & Sengupta, R.  MMORPGS and Their Effect on Relationships: A Qualitative Study

Stogner, B., McKenna, T., Rudd, K., & Cunningham, M.  Social Media Usage, Self-Esteem, and Narcissism in College Students

Ohler, P., Liebold, B., & Pietschmann, D. Measuring the Thrill of Fearful Media Experiences

Miesen, C. A., & Friedman, D. R.  Do Offline Jealousy-Evoking Situations Translate to Facebook?

Marciano, A. W. & Favero, D. K.  Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Young Adult Females’ Self-Identification With Disney Princesses

Wilson, J. W., Stricker, G., Sexton, J., & Dunlap, K. Electronic Gaming and Motivation

Rodenhizer-Stämpfli, K. A., Edwards, K. M., Sylaska, K. M., & Dixon, K. J.   Reality Check! Perceptions of Jersey Shore and Teen Mom and Attitudes Accepting of Dating Violence

Rokkum, J. N., Cheever, N. A., & Carrier, L. M.  Final Fantasy: Magical Thinking and Fantasy Proneness

Drake, J. R., Pruitt, A. K., Davis, M., Black, C. G., Wellman, J., & DeGroff, D. E.  Social Anxiety and Depression Contribute to Problematic Computer-Gaming Behavior

Bennett, L. L., & Burke, J. E.  Selfies: Self-Expression or Self-Absorption

Aquino, S. Can I Get This One? Parents, Media Literacy, and Implications on Child Development

Howard, M. C., & Jayne, B. Use of Online Groups to Ease Expatriate Adjustment

Symposium: Are You Talking to Me?  The Psychology of Engagement Through Audience Profiling
8/09 Sat: 10:00 – 10:50 AM, Convention Center, Room 143B
Chair: Pamela Rutledge
Participants: Garry Hare: The Psychology of Engagement
Jerri Lynn Hogg: How to Create a Persona
Pamela Rutledge:  Using Personas to Craft Experience

Symposium: Potential Social Concerns About Video Games That Merit More Attention
8/09 Sat: 11:00 – 12:50 PM, Convention Center, Room 102B
Co-Chairs: James D. Ivory, Christopher Ferguson
Participants: Deborah L. Linebarger: Infants, Toddlers, and Media Effects: The Good, the Bad, and the Biased
Andrew K. Przybylski:  Toward an Etiology of Dysregulated Electronic Game Engagement
Christopher J. Ferguson:  Girls in Games: How Female Character Portrayals May Be a More Pressing Issue Than Violent Content
Malte Elson; Johannes Breuer; Thorsten Quandt:  Fed Up With Violent Games: The Potential Effects of Frustration in Social Video Game Play
James D. Ivory; Adrienne Holz Ivory; T. Franklin Waddell:  Online Ugliness: Objectionable, Antisocial, and Stereotype‑Driven User Behavior in Online Games

Presidential Address
8/09 Sat: 1:00 PM ‑ 1:50 PM, Convention Center, Room 103B
Bernie Luskin:  Professionalizing Media Psychology and Technology: The Future

Discussion: Social Media and Internet Mediated Technology in Long‑Term Care
8/10 Sun: 10:00 AM ‑ 10:50 AM, Convention Center, Room 145B
Chair Patricia L. Bach
Participant: Patricia L. Bach: Social Media and Internet Mediated Technology in Long-Term Care

Symposium: Current Advances in Parasocial Theory—Conceptualization, Measurement, Antecedents, and Consequences
88/10 Sat: 11:00 AM ‑ 11:50 AM, Convention Center, Room 209B
Chair: Gayle S. Stever
Participants: Riva Tukachinsky; Angeline Sangalang:  Relational and Interactive Aspects of Parasocial Experiences: PSI/PSR Revised
Gayle S. Stever:  Parasocial Attachments and Life Span Theory: A Mixed‑Methods Analysis
Elizabeth L. Cohen:  Parasocial 2.0: Exploring Parasocial Interaction in New Media Environments
Cynthia A. Hoffner:  Reducing the Stigma of Mental Illness Through Mediated Contact and Parasocial Relations

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