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Blumberg, F. C. (Ed.) (2014). Learning by playing: Video Gaming in Education. Oxford University Press.

Dr. Elizabeth Carll received the 10-year Service Award for her advocacy work as the APA Federal Advocacy Coordinator for Division 46.  The APA Practice Organization recognizes the work of Federal Advocacy Coordinators at the 5-year milestone, the 10- year milestone, and the 20-year milestone, as it recognizes that advocacy on behalf of psychology involves ongoing communication with legislators and takes time and persistence to develop.

David Chirko, BA, professional affiliate of Division 46, contributed the article Conspiracy Thinking in the student publication, R. Guillet (EIC), Lambda, Sudbury, Ontario: Lambda Publications, Laurentian University, Vol. 52, Issue 10, 14, March 18, 2014.

Frank Farley’s Type-T Behavior work was applied to politician misbehavior on CNN-TV March 31 in prime time.  See “Michael Smerconish and One Last Thing Youtube.”  He did an April 9 HuffPostLive program on mass murders (link is, and has co-authored with doctoral student Mona Sarshar for PsycCritiques:APA Journal of Reviews a review of the Tom Hanks movie Captain Philips.  He did a TV shoot in the Utah mountains March 14-16 on extreme risk and Type-T Behavior for the History Channel program “Stan Lee’s Superhumans.” His very critical views of the DSM-5 were featured in one of the “100 Top Stories of 2013” issue of Discover Magazine’s January/February 2014 issue, and his views on this topic were also carried at (see livescience frank farley).

Mona Sarshar, student member of Division 46 and a doctoral student at Temple University, has co-authored with Frank Farley two reviews for PsycCritiques:APA Journal of Reviews, one on the astounding documentary film Beyond Right and Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness, set in such violent hotspots as Rwanda and Northern Ireland, that won an APA film award and was shown before the U.N. General Assembly at its request,  with the other review being of the Tom Hanks movie, based on a true story of contemporary piracy at sea, Captain Philips.

Dr. Joanne Broder Sumerson, Member-at-Large, Membership Chair, and Editor of Psychology of Popular Media Culture, is proud to announce the release of her first book, Finish Your Dissertation, Don’t Let it Finish You!  Published by Wiley, it is a hands-on, go-to source for navigating the entire dissertation and thesis process from pre-study set-up to post-graduation dissertation options.  This book highlights the contents of each dissertation/thesis chapter, practical tips for every phase, as well as intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics.  Please go to the website below or email for more information.

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