Student Committee Report

Tunisha Singleton

Shayne Aquino

This year’s Division 46 student committee is co-chaired by Shayne Aquino and Tunisha Singleton.  Each brings a different academic and professional background.  Shayne is a PsyD student in Clinical Forensic Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology (TCSPP), Los Angeles campus.  She has a B.A. from Rutgers University in Psychology and an M. A. from TCSPP in Forensic Psychology.  Her interests include gaming, cyber-bullying, and the intersection between media and forensic psychology.  Tunisha is a Media Psychology PhD student at Fielding Graduate University.  Her research interests lie in sports communication and the industry’s use of branding, cause marketing, and digital media strategies.  With a B.A. in film and radio from the University of California Santa Cruz and an M. A. in TV, Film, and New Media Production from San Diego State, her professional background is largely based in creative media production.  As co-chairs, we will bring our combined experiences and passion for research to the division.

Call to Action

Our intention is to promote the involvement of students in Division 46 activities by creating opportunities and collaborating with others.  Media psychology and technology is a multidisciplinary field.  We believe that many humanities and social science professionals lack awareness of how to apply media psychology and technology to their disciplines.  This awareness should inspire media psychology students to find opportunities to assist humanities and social science professionals in making greater use of media psychology and technology in their everyday work.

The adage “you are a product of your environment” suggests that student success depends upon strong relationships with faculty members and other professionals through extended networks.  We urge you to become involved in Division 46 and give yourself opportunities for personal and professional growth by interacting with leaders in the field, attending and presenting at annual APA conventions.

As our first contribution to The Amplifier Magazine, we initiated the “Student Scholar Spotlight” column to showcase the original and progressive work of fellow students and recent graduates.   We have featured Maureen Feldman in that column for this issue of The Amplifier Magazine.

We also propose the following objectives for the student committee:

  • To serve as a voice for students and recent graduates to bring fresh perspectives from the field’s newest scholars.
  • To find new communication channels while keeping existing ones open to support each other, work together, and learn from each other to contribute to our growing field of study.
  • To create a directory of research areas, conferences, and journals relevant to our discipline. This should provide a list of publications and names of those within the division who are working in the same field.
  • To assist in the support and development of courses and programs at universities linked to media psychology and technology.

We are excited to be part of this committee and look forward to engaging with everyone.  We will continue to brainstorm ideas to benefit students and find ways to execute them.  Please contact either of us for ways to get involved, submit ideas, and to learn about the division.

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