Member News

Elizabeth Carll, PhD, served  as co-chair of the Press and Media Subcommittee for the planning of the 2014 United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI) /NGO Annual Conference.  Over 2,200 participants representing an estimated 700 non-governmental organizations from 100 countries gathered to share their ideas and to develop a common platform to advocate for an ambitious and successful post-2015 development agenda. At the conference, she also chaired a session on “Media Strategies to Foster Sustainable Development: Examples from Africa, Asia, Caribbean, North and South America”

Irene Deitch, PhD, past -president and “media maven” of our division, entered the APA annual 5K psychologists’ running race after negotiating with leaders to have CPR arrangements and to permit her to “drop out” with graciousness if needed.  Irene not only finished in less than 16 minutes, but she was first in her age group, a true accomplishment.  On July 17, 2014, Irene received an award from the museum of Tibetan Art in Staten Island for her support and dedication to the museum.

Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, has a new video series for parents from The Great Courses®, called Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids. Twelve half-hour lectures offer practical, research-based tips on how parents can help children learn to cope with feelings and build satisfying friendships. Topics include: Teaching Kids to Care; Developing Genuine Self-Esteem; How Kids Manage Anger; Playing Well With Others; Growing Up Social in the Digital Age. Available at Preview the series here:

Dr. Roger Klein, University of Pittsburgh, has produced 8 five-minute videos in Psychology for Cengage Learning. The videos present the research of Dr. Skip Rizzo, (Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Veterans, Institute for Creative Technologies, USC), Dr. Marcel Just (Cognitive Neuroscience, CMU), Drs. Rodlescia Sneed and Sheldon Cohen (Health Psychology, CMU), Dr. David Wiesenthal (Aggressive Driving, York U.), Dr. Nicholas Rule (Interpreting Faces, University of Toronto), Dr. Rene Weber (Media Neuroscience, USC), Lauren Sherman, Minas Michikyan and Dr. Patricia Greenfield, (Bonding, Friends, and Media, UCLA), and Dr. Matthew Miller (Mental Health Issues in Asian-Americans, U. Maryland).

Welcome New Board Members

President-elect 2015: Mary Gregerson
Treasurer:  Karla Hamlen
Member-at-large: Joanne Broder Sumerson
Member-at-large:  Pauline Wallin

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