Student Spotlight: Boontarika “Boonie” Sripom

Shayne Aquino, PsyD Student
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Boontarika “Boonie” Sripom has actively engaged in disseminating psychology since graduating from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with her Master’s in Clinical Psychology in 2013. On her website Organized Messes, Boonie describes herself as an “artist, geek, and gamer interested in reducing stigmas of creative lifestyles & mental health.” On her website, she posts blogs, artwork, videos, and links to resources on neuroscience, gaming, being a geek, artists, and creativity. For the past three years, Boonie has been working with Outreach Concern, a non-profit counseling agency, and conducting on-site school counseling and training workshops on empathy and anti-bullying for students and teachers. Boonie has produced videos to address creativity, children, and play. Please watch my interview with Boonie.


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