Index of Articles Published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture

2016  Volume 5, Issue 1 (Jan)

  1. Editors’ introduction.
  2. The price of sexy: Viewers’ perceptions of a sexualized versus nonsexualized Facebook profile photograph.
  3. When enemies go viral (or not)—A real-time experiment during the “Stop Kony” campaign.
  4. Video gamers and personality: A five-factor model to understand game playing style.
  5. Differential neural recruitment during violent video game play in violent- and nonviolent-game players.
  6. Digital games in laboratory experiments: Controlling a complex stimulus through modding.
  7. Just “harmless entertainment”? Effects of surveillance reality TV on physical aggression.
  8. We could never be friends: Representing cross-sex friendship on celebrity gossip web sites. |
  9. “Technoference”: The interference of technology in couple relationships and implications for women’s personal and relational well-being.

2016  Volume 5, Issue 2 (Apr)

  1. Identity and self-presentation on social networking web sites: A comparison of online profiles of Chinese and American emerging adults.
  2. Violent entertainment and cooperative behavior: Examining media violence effects on cooperation in a primarily Hispanic sample.
  3. Immersed in violence: Presence mediates the effect of 3D violent video gameplay on angry feelings.
  4. How the quantity and quality of electronic gaming relates to adolescents’ academic engagement and psychosocial adjustment.
  5. Enjoyment of a counter-hedonic serious digital game: Determinants and effects on learning and self-efficacy.
  6. Predicting cyberbullying from anonymity.
  7. Online aggression: The influences of anonymity and social modeling.
  8. The endorsement of commentator opinion: A case of manufactured consent?

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