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Balter, L. & Tamis-LeMonda, C.  (Eds.), (2016).  Child Psychology: A Handbook of Contemporary Issues (3rd Edition). Routledge/Psychology Press.

Dorothy Singer, PhD, presented the  keynote address on The Power of Imaginative Play at the National Playwork Conference in Eastbourne, England on  March 1,  2016.

Irene Deitch, PhD, shared the following media mishap anecdote:  Like all my “MEDIA MARVELS” we enjoy the challenges that confront us. However, not all challenges are equal. My Radio Program Making Connections dealt with Psychology.  One day, when the sports announcer was absent, the Station Manager asked me to read the sport scores. Always obliging, I announced “La Lakers 8, La Clippers 4, etc.” Board lit up three minutes later and the Station Master entered and said: “Irene, they are not Boutiques.” And, I responded “I only ‘do sports,’ not ‘report sports!’”

Frank Farley, PhD, former President of APA and Division 46, is current President of APA Division 48 (The Society for the Study of Peace, Conflict and Violence). Since the last issue of The Amplifier Magazine he has appeared in a wide range of media including NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, CBS, FOX, NPR, CBC Canada, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times, Boston Globe, Toronto Sun, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald,, Inside Sources, among others, on topics of terrorism (his conception of Tertiary Terror, etc), crime and violence, personality, risk-taking, heroism, behavior change, corporal punishment, mental illness, media psychology, Donald Trump, and more. He will be conducting 3 Conversation Hours in a special 3-hour Violence Summit Marathon at the APA Convention in Denver on Thursday, August 4, in conversation with Noam Chomsky (1-1:50pm), the world’s leading public intellectual; Aaron T. Beck (2-2:50pm), the world’s leading psychiatrist; and Albert Bandura (3-3:50pm), the world’s leading psychologist. Topics will include peace, conflict, violence, aggression, hate, moral disengagement, politics, more.

Plante, T. G. (2016). Beyond mindfulness: Expanding integration of spirituality and religion into psychotherapy. Open Theology, 2, 135-144.

Singer, J. L., & Singer, D.G. (2015). Professional paths over six decades researching and practicing play. International Journal of Play, 4(2), 1-13.

Tettegah, S., McCreery, M., & Blumberg, F. (2015). Toward a framework for learning and digital games research. Educational Psychologist, 50, 253-257. This special issue of the Educational Psychologist, guest-edited by Tettegah,  McCreery, & Blumberg, features several articles on digital games and learning.

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