Index of Articles Published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture

2016 Volume 5, Issue 3 (July)

  1. Love online: How relationship awareness on Facebook relates to relationship quality among college students. Steers, Mai-Ly N.; Øverup, Camilla S.; Brunson, Julie A.; Acitelli, Linda K.
  2. The influence of a scandal on parasocial relationship, parasocial interaction, and parasocial breakup. Hu, Mu|
  3. The role of location in everyday experiences of music. Krause, Amanda E.; North, Adrian C.; Hewitt, Lauren Y.
  4. The memory remains: How heavy metal fans buffer against the fear of death. Kneer, Julia; Rieger, Diana
  5. Who’s afraid of spoilers? Need for cognition, need for affect, and narrative selection and enjoyment. Rosenbaum, Judith E.; Johnson, Benjamin K.
  6. Evaluating media’s portrayal of an eccentric-genius: Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Winston, Christine N.

2016  Volume 5, Issue 4 (October)

  1. Tuning into fantasy: Motivations to view wedding television and associated romantic beliefs. Hefner, Veronica
  2. Are you “fan” enough? The role of identity in media fandoms. Groene, Samantha L.; Hettinger, Vanessa E.
  3. Real mean girls? Reality television viewing, social aggression, and gender-related beliefs among female emerging adults. Behm-Morawitz, Elizabeth; Lewallen, Jennifer; Miller, Brandon
  4. Book lovers, bibliophiles, and fetishists: The social benefits of heavy book usage. Kaiser, Johannes; Quandt, Thorsten
  5. Media violence and judgments of offensiveness: A quantitative and qualitative analysis. Coyne, Sarah M.; Callister, Mark A.; Gentile, Douglas A.; Howard, Emily
  6. Video games as meaningful entertainment experiences. Oliver, Mary Beth; Bowman, Nicholas David; Woolley, Julia K.; Rogers, Ryan; Sherrick, Brett I.; Chung, Mun-Young



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