Index of Articles published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture

2017 Volume 6, Issue 1 (Jan)

  1. Editor’s introduction.
  2. Using social media for sobriety recovery: Beliefs, behaviors, and surprises from users of face-to-face and social media sobriety support.
  3. Exploring similarity characteristics, identification, and parasocial interactions in choice of celebrities.
  4. Fandom and the search for meaning: Examining communal involvement with popular media beyond pleasure.
  5. “Let me take a selfie”: Associations between self-photography, narcissism, and self-esteem.
  6. Role-playing video games and emotion: How transportation into the narrative mediates the relationship between immoral actions and feelings of guilt.
  7. Violent video games increase voice stress: An experimental study.
  8. Stay tuned: Portrayals of fatherhood to come.

2017 Volume 6, Issue 2 (Apr)

  1. Evolutionary theory and reactions to mass media: Understanding parasocial attachment.
  2. Regulatory motivations in celebrity interest: Self-suppression and self-expansion.
  3. Room for debate (and derogation): Negativity of readers’ comments on Black authors’ online content.
  4. Feeling political interest while being entertained? Explaining the emotional experience of interest in politics in the context of political entertainment programs.
  5. Copycat crime dynamics: The interplay of empathy, narrative persuasion and risk with likelihood to commit future criminality.
  6. Perceived media influence, mental illness, and responses to news coverage of a mass shooting.
  7. Media-induced recovery: The effects of positive versus negative media stimuli on recovery experience, cognitive performance, and energetic arousal.

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