From The Editor: From Print to Digital: An Update on The Amplifier Magazine

Krishna Kumar

V. Krishna Kumar

V. Krishna Kumar

In 2013 we went online using WordPress and retitled our newsletter The Amplifier Magazine with the Fall/Winter issue.  Until Fall/Winter 2009, we had the luxury of reading a printed copy at our breakfast or at any time, but then we started distributing a .pdf copy electronically with the Spring/Summer 2009 issue.  I guess, we could still read the electronic version at any time, but it is not simply the same as having a printed copy in our hands while drinking a cup of coffee, at least to us digital immigrants!

At the August 1, 2013 Division 46 Board meeting, where I proposed the transitioning of the newsletter to a Magazine format using WordPress, the Division 46 Executive Board gave approval to proceed for a three-year experimental term. Fortunately, the feedback from our members has been so positive that it is difficult to imagine that any one would think of moving back to print or .pdf format for snail mail or electronic distribution.

Since we have completed 5 years (2013-2017 inclusive) of the online WordPress version, I examined the analytics on the Magazine to see the frequencies of views and visitors (see Table 1). These data are for each year’s two issues.

Amplifier Magazine Statistics

Preliminary figures for 2018 (from January 1 to March 4) indicated 4054 views and 2722 visitors. Table 1 suggests these numbers are well beyond those that would be expected by just distributing the magazine to the Division 46 membership.  As would be expected, our greatest traffic is from within the USA, but people from around the globe have also accessed the magazine. For example, in 2013, people from 24 countries accessed it; in 2014, 115 countries (US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are listed separately from the USA); in 2015, 110 countries; in 2016, 94 countries; and in 2017, 107 countries.  Considering all time data from 2013 to March 4, 2018, there were 30,310 views from the USA, 1440 from Canada, 974 from Philippines, 971 from Pakistan, and 786 from United Kingdom. Views from other countries ranged between 1 and 739.

In interpreting these data, it is important to keep in mind that these 1000’s of visitors are probably not reading the entire Magazine. Nevertheless, these numbers do tell us about the potential of The Amplifier Magazine for disseminating media psychology and technology around the globe.

Looking forward, I would like to see more spontaneous submissions because many contributions are by Board members or invited. Also, it would be nice to get some ads to cover the publishing costs of the Magazine.

I have been fortunate that I have had tremendous support and expert help from our Production Editor Keith Cooke, Publications Manager, APA Division Services, Associate Editor Kathryn Stamoulis, and Consulting Editors Frank Farley and Joseph Browne (retired professor of English, West Chester University, and former Chief Clinician and Director of Dual Diagnosis Program at the psychiatric unit of Bryn Mawr Hospital). Over the years, several students have assisted me with reviews and the editorial process—these include Victoria L. Hennessey (served as Associate Editor, former student at Temple University), and Jill Azorolosa, Elise Luber, and Marc Cavella (former West Chester University of Pennsylvania students).  My current student consultants are Justin Karter (University of Massachusetts, Boston) and Lauren Butler (Temple University).  I am also grateful to the Division 46 Board and many Division members for sharing their excitement about The Amplifier Magazine on the Division’s listserv.

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