Index of Articles in Popular Media and Culture

2018 Vol 7(1) January

Editor’s introduction.

The protagonist, my Facebook friend: How cross-media extensions are changing the concept of parasocial interaction.

Fan fiction as a vehicle for meaning making: Eudaimonic appreciation, hedonic enjoyment, and other perspectives on fan engagement with television.

The personality disorder profile of professional actors.

Does television cultivate narcissism? Relationships between television exposure, preferences for specific genres, and subclinical narcissism.

The twilight of youth: Understanding feminism and romance in Twilight Moms’ connection to the young-adult vampire series.

Men’s and women’s situation models for violent movies and television programs.

Killing characters in video games kills memory for in-game ads.


2018 Vol 7(1) April

From bodies to blame: Exposure to sexually objectifying media increases tolerance toward sexual harassment.

“Who’s that?”: The negative consequences of being out of the loop on pop culture.

The moods meaningful media create: Effects of hedonic and eudaimonic television clips on viewers’ affective states and subsequent program selection.

“He acted like a crazy person”: Exploring the influence of college students’ recall of stereotypic media representations of mental illness.

Suicide contagion in response to widely publicized celebrity deaths: The roles of depressed affect, death-thought accessibility, and attitudes.

Billboard Hot 100 songs: Self-promoting over the past 20 years.

United in the name of justice: How conformity processes in social media may influence online vigilantism.

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