President-Elect’s Column: Vision for 2019

Kathryn Stamoulis

Kathryn Stamoulis

Kathryn Stamoulis, PhD

2019 is around the corner and I’m so excited to serve as the upcoming president of the Society for Media Psychology and Technology. It’s been wonderful being part of the Presidential Trio with our President June Wilson and Past-President Joanne Broder. I’m equally excited to work closely with our amazing President-Elect Krishna Kumar!

I’ve been active in Division Leadership for over a decade, starting as Student Committee Chair. Ever since, Division 46 has played a prominent role in my career. This is largely in part of our small, tight-knit community from which I’ve received so much support. In addition to the wonderful personal relationships I have formed, members’ research, practice and media presence have served as great inspiration. As I move into my presidency, it is my goal to give back and be of value to both our long-term and new members.

My main focus will be promoting members’ works so we can expand our reach both with the public and within APA. My vision for 2019 is a Division 46 that is visible, cutting-edge, and provocative. We are the media division after all!

We do have challenges. Being a small division comes with a small budget. Our financial restraints have come with some loss. These losses include a lack of in-person leadership meetings at APA headquarters, social hours that can’t compete with open bars, and an inability to send members to represent us at APA meetings (the APA conference on Technology, Mind and Society, for example). Past leadership has come up with innovative ideas to work within our constraints (like our amazing virtual social hours) and I will attempt to do the same.

Below are some of my ideas to keep us moving forward:

New Special Interest Groups. During a post-convention virtual social hour, members discussed ideas for new special interest groups. Special interest groups are less formal than committees and allow for great flexibility and freedom. Five ideas stood out: Sex & Tech, Media & Politics, Video Games, Educational Technologies and Psychologists in the Media.

Increased Media Presence. In line with our value of “giving psychology away,” I want to further support members who want to appear in the media. I have submitted an inter-divisional grant proposal to CODAPAR, along with Division 3, in hopes of getting funding for on-camera training for interested members. Additionally, I plan to implement a small support and referral group for members who want to do more media work.

Increased Visibility in APA. In addition to increased visibility with the public, I hope to increase our value and visibility within APA as well. Hosting Board Meetings or other events at APA Headquarters gives our members the opportunity to become connected to APA. It also allows APA governance and senior staff the opportunity to see the amazing work we do.

New Social Hour Format. With $18 glasses of wine and a basement hotel reception room location, our 2018 social hour had a tough time competing with the open bars of other Divisions. I missed the 2014 convention in Hawaii, but I heard the hotel suite reception, co-hosted by Mary Alvord and Bernie Luskin, was the place to be! In a similar vein, I plan to take our social hour off-site, in order to save money and give it new, fresh feel.

Please reach out if you are interested in committee work, new special interest groups or fund-raising. And as always, please contact me with any other ideas, questions or concerns. I look forward to an amazing 2019!


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