Council Corner

Christopher J. Ferguson

Christopher J. Ferguson

Christopher J. Ferguson, PhD

This August I was unable to attend the Council meeting for our division as it was my wife’s 40th birthday and I knew where my bread is buttered. Mary Gregerson graciously stepped in for me and did an excellent job representing our division. Here are some of the important things that happened at our recent Council meeting (and a few other bits and bobs).

First, the council voted for a resolution calling for the federal government to make sure that adequate medical and mental health services are provided for undocumented immigrants in detention facilities. Not too much controversy there.

Second, council voted to move forward with a resolution giving graduate student members in psychology full voting rights. This is a new change with some controversy (it passed with 73.4%). It is still being kicked around in the Council listserv, so not everybody is happy about this (I have no strong opinion myself for the record.) As this moves forward, a pro/con statement will be developed and, as I understand it, current APA members will be given an opportunity to vote on the measure. (Voting closes on Dec. 16, 2019; see

As a related diversion, it is worth noting that APA membership participation in voting remains very low. I don’t have figures for the recent APA presidential election, but my understanding is that the voting percentage of members was very low. I know in some previous voting cycles (not necessarily for president, I don’t recall the specifics), voting participation has been in the mid to high single digits.

Third, several new task forces will examine policies related to race, ethnicity, and low-income populations.

Aside from this, last I had heard (I was not at Council meeting so didn’t get to hear the usual update), the lawsuits against the APA grind on.

This actually ends my tour as Council Rep and I look forward to Danny Wedding stepping into the position!

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