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Fred Koenig

Fred Koenig

Larry Balter

Larry Balter

Remembering Fredrick Koenig

Lawrence Balter, PhD
New York University 

Fred was a good friend who was fun-loving, quirky, really intelligent, and had a wry sense of humor. I always looked forward to hanging out with him. I often had the pleasure of his company when he would stop off in New York en route to Europe. And, of course, we made it our business to socialize together at the APA meetings. Fred was very committed to the work of Division 46 from the outset. Given his expertise in the area of rumors, I wonder what Fred would have to say about these troubled times—replete with rumor and innuendo! I will miss him.

His obituary is published in The Times-Picayune from Apr. 14 to Apr. 19, 2020 (

COVID-19 Related Activities by Division 46 Members

Dr. Mary Alvord has been educating psychologists on how to efficiently and ethically move their practice online during the coronavirus pandemic. Two of her many trainings were sponsored by the National Register, where she was the featured presenter on the subject of telehealth and coronavirus. She also trained providers in New York State who are working in community mental health centers and hospitals. In these three trainings there were more than 6,500 participants and almost 10,000 registered. Additionally, she has made multiple free psychoeducational and training videos.

Dr. Lawrence Balter participated as a panelist in a webinar sponsored by NYU in DC on May 8, 2020, Losing Control:  Managing Stress in the COVID-19 Crisis,–dc-events/losing-control–managing-stress-in-the-covid-19-crisis.html

Dr. Allycin Powell-Hicks has created a free workbook called 4 Steps to Creating Courage in a Chaotic World. With calming graphics and self-assessments, the workbook guides readers through the process of understanding and responding to fear. She has also been regularly providing free psychoeducation through Instagram Live.

Dr. Kathryn Stamoulis has been providing volunteer counseling sessions to first responders who are putting their health at risk during the pandemic to assist people in their communities who are impacted by fires and displacement due to natural disasters.

Dr. Susan Birne-Stone has been offering weekly one-hour free live online mental health hours entitled “Ask Dr. Susan” with the Mentor Project. She discusses the challenges that adults and children are facing and provides effective coping tools. She also has conducted similar workshops for small business owners and employees. Further, she serves as an advisory resource for the NYC COVID Care Network, a self-organized mutual aid that connects all types of essential workers and their families to mental, spiritual, and emotional support.

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