Past President Column: My Three Years!

Krishna Kumar
V. Krishna Kumar, PhD

Just three years ago, when I was elected President-Elect of Division 46, I thought I have a three-year term to fill: the first year as President-Elect, then as President, and then as Past-President. This seemed very long at that time. Each year brings a different main function—a President-Elect serves as Nomination Committee Chair, a President runs the show with the help of the Board, and a Past-President serves as the Awards Committee Chair. The three years have gone by fast despite social isolation, social distancing, zoomed (more focused?) communications, masked (missed?) communications, more sedentary TV watching, snacking more, not getting haircuts, and so on. 

During my tenure, one of the best things I noted about working in any role in Division 46 is the support you receive from others. Other officers, past or present, are always available if you need to consult with them. We are guided by our shared collective goals of making our division a prominent one in APA. Media Psychology and Technology topics were featured prominently in the APA Convention—(just see the main stage events (e.g., “The Entertainment Industry And Psychology: Changing the Way We Think About Mental Health”; “Fighting Misinformation With Psychological Science”). These topics have been and are being dealt with by some of our members. I hope to see some of our division members take part in future APA  main stage events. Additionally, I would like to see our division members become more involved in the APA’s Mind and Tech conference, which has become an annual event.

We have a great elected Board.  We are slowly seeing new members filling these roles—I would strongly encourage our division members to become more active—new members bring new ideas and new energies—they renew the division.  So please volunteer—you have nothing to lose, everything to gain, and much to contribute. 

A role I have enjoyed in the Division is to serve as chair of the Division’s Fellows Committee for almost five years and I had a great working relationship with the Fellows’ committee members. I am so thankful that Grant Rich has taken on that role last year and I know that he is enjoying it as much. Another role I have greatly enjoyed since 2008 is to serve as Editor of The Amplifier Magazine. In 2013, at my suggestion, we went online with a new name The Amplifier Magazine. Our readership has grown from just our members to people around the world. As of September 26, 2021, in 2020, we had 25, 588 views and 15,725 visitors, and in 2021 we have had 17,881 views and 11,814 visitors. In 2020, when I served as President, I asked Kathryn Stamoulis to serve as a co-editor, instead of as Associate Editor. Most articles we publish are invited and written by leaders in the field, or prominent members, award winners. We would like to publish articles from the wide range of scholars we have in our division and other divisions. I encourage members to share the word that The Amplifier Magazine wishes to publish more spontaneous submissions. Last but not least, I want to express my gratitude to Jay Browne, Professor Emeritus of English, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, a long-term colleague and friend, who served as a consulting editor for The Amplifier Magazine for a decade and helped review submissions. I sincerely thank him for his service. It’s been a real pleasure serving these three years and working with a dedicated group of Board members

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