Fall/Winter 2022 Issue

Presidents: Past, Present, and Future Attending 2022 Social Hour of Division 46 APA Society for Media Psychology & Technology. Courtesy Kathryn Stamoulis

President: Don Grant

Co-Editors: V. Krishna Kumar & Kathryn Stamoulis

Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joanne Broder, Lauren Butler, & Victoria Ramsperger

Production Editor: Wade W. George

President’s Column
Don Grant

President-Elect’s Column: Literally Sick and Tired of Political Advertising
Media Matters
Susan Eddington

Past President Column: Program, Awards, Social Hour
V. Krishna Kumar

APA Council Representative Report: August 2022 Council Meeting Highlights
Danny Wedding

Student Committee Column: The Importance of the Pipeline
Stephanie Miodus & Stephanie Joseph

Loretta, Jimmy and Me
A music media maven & Oval Office oracle
Frank Farley

Online Anonymity as a Continually Challenging Concept in Media Psychology Research
Anonymity—an elusive concept!
Hana Machackova

Privacy, Justice, and Personal Digital Traces: Implications for Psychology and Society
Consequences of giving away our privacy on the internet
Patrick Sweeney

Online Racism: Has the Internet Caused More Harm than Good?
Racism and online platforms
Chrysalis L. Wright

“Hot Media,” “Cool Media,” and the Pandemic
Some of Marshal McLuhan’s provocative ideas
Stanley Krippner

Marshall McLuhan: Fond Memories of Marshall and His Daughter Mary
Marshall McLuhan—a pioneer of ideas
Bernard Luskin

Loneliness, Isolation, and Internet Use Among Older Adults: How much Internet Use is Too Much?
Are older adults beginning to overuse the internet?
Jasmin Tahmaseb McConatha & Sebastian Ehmann

From Our Screen Critics

Two of the Few, A Review: Remembering Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in Film
Icons on the screen
Frank Farley & Lauren Butler

A Review of The Old Man, Season 1
Revenge is a dish best served cold
Gregory F. (Greg) Zerovnik

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