Fall/Winter 2018 Issue

Some Past Presidents. Photo by Debbie Joffe Ellis.

Some Past Presidents. Photo by Debbie Joffe Ellis.

President: June Wilson; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne, Mona Sarshar, Lauren Butler (Student), Victoria Ramsperger (Student); Production Editor: Keith Cooke

President’s Column: The Disillusionment with Social Media
June Wilson
Fake news, civility, violence, and social media

President-Elect’s Column: Vision for 2019
Kathryn Stamoulis

Past-President’s Column: Why We Need Device Management and Intelligence
Joanne Broder

Council Corner
Chris Ferguson

From the Editor: Survey, Survey Everywhere
V. Krishna Kumar
Do you have time to complete another survey?

Articles From Our Award Winners

It’s Getting Easier — AND Harder To Give Psychology Away
Pauline Wallin
Some strategies for disseminating psychological information

Media Psychology, Ethics and Persuasive Design
Wayne Warburton
Should psychologists assist in designing “addictive” technologies?

Involving Students in Media Literacy Plan Creation and Implementation
Megan Hopper, Joshua Fitzgerald, & Alexander Kritselis
Encouraging students to become more fully active media consumers

Other Featured Articles

The Child Development Center Study of Adopted Identical Twins Reared Apart and My Media Adventures
Lawrence Perlman
Twins and films

Is Wall-to-Wall News Coverage Hurting Civil Discourse?
Chris Ferguson
Is polarized, continuous news coverage eroding our shared civic values? Should we blame the media?

Beyond Dying: A Look Into How Technology Is Reshaping the Grieving Process
Victoria McCarty
How is technology reshaping the grieving process?

From Our Film Critics

Disturbing Methods: A Dark Story of Genes, Adoptions, Dignity and Ethics
Athena Linton, Valerie Cordero, Nicholas Galea, Kevin Larmour, Stephanie Miodus, Kelsey O’Donnell, William Pilny, Samantha Schwartz, Zachary Shannon, and Frank Farley
A review of Three Identical Strangers

Jack Ryan? Yes. Tom Clancy’s? Eh
Gregory F. (Greg) Zerovnik
A review of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Short Films: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet
Nancy DeVore & Mary Gregerson
Reviews of A Single Life and The Box

Love’s Broken Arrow
Frank Farley, Mona Sarshar, & Elisa K. Colchado
A review of A Star Is Born

Committee Reports

A Summary of the Task Force Report on the Sexualization of Popular Music
Members: Chrysalis L. Wright, Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Lesley-Ann Ey, Cougar Hall, K. Megan Hopper, Wayne Warburton; Consultants: Sarah Coyne, Jennifer Stevens Aubrey, L. Monique Ward, C. Glenn Cupit
A review of 49 years of research and recommendations

Member News

San Francisco Social Hour and Convention Photos

Index of Articles Published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture (2018, Volumes 3 & 4)