Fall/Winter 2021 Issue

Photo by Alan Entin: Le Penseur Rouge, taken in Rodin’s Sculpture Garden in Paris. On the cover of the January 2006 American Psychologist, printed with permission of Alan Entin.

President: Christopher J. Ferguson

Co-Editors: V. Krishna Kumar;  Kathryn Stamoulis

Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joanne Broder, Lauren Butler, Victoria Ramsperger, Mona Sarshar

Guest Reviewer for This Issue: Christopher J. Ferguson

Production Editor: Wade W. George

President’s Column: Moral Panics Aplenty
We’re panicking about everything from pregnant seahorses to Dave Chappelle. But Why?
Christopher J. Ferguson

President-Elect’s Column: Hindsight is Literally 20/20
Media Psychologists, our time is now!
Don Grant

Past-President’s Column: My Three Years!
Time flies by!
V. Krishna Kumar

Student Committee Column: Grad Stepping Program – Promoting Underrepresented Students in Media Psychology
Stephanie Miodus & Stephanie Joseph

Memorial—Two of the Best
Remembering Bandura and Beck
Frank Farley

Some Directions in Media Research
Media research for science-based public policies and guidance tools for media consumption
Craig A. Anderson

Our Friend, the Platypus.
Should you regulate your children’s emotions through digital devices?
Douglas Gentile

Gaming and Problem Gaming in the Age of COVID-19
Gaming benefits, gaming disorder, moral panic, and good science.
Daniel King

Distrust in Medical Science and Mainstream News Goes Hand in Hand with Belief in Fake News and Misinformation
Rebuilding trust in mainstream news.
Chrysalis Wright

Influence of Academic Media Evaluation on the Diversity of Psychological and Social Science Research
We need a new citation metric to encourage cultural diversity in research.
Václav Linkov

The Traumatic Impact of Media Misrepresentation and Public Shaming
Can media shaming lead to trauma?
Christine Marie

Virtual Conferencing: Some Perspectives
Reflections on online conferencing.
Nicole R. Benquechea

From Our Film Critic

Political Correctness Meets Cancel Culture
Nazism, ageism, sexism, and academia.
Gregory F. (Greg) Zerovnik

From Our Book Critics

Media Psychology Arrives!
A review of Understanding Media Psychology.
Grant J. Rich

Feminism for Tweens and Teens
Kathryn Stamoulis

Member News – Fall/Winter 2021