Fall/Winter 2013 Issue

Above: 2013 Hawaii Convention Photos 
I wish to thank our sponsors, PsychCentral.com and Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.
–Mary Alvord, President

President: Mary Karapetian Alvord; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne; Student Editorial Assistant: Marc Cavella


President’s Column
Mary Karapetian Alvord
Focusing on Media Literacy/Internet Safety and Children and 2013 APA Convention

President-Elect’s Column
Bernard Luskin
Media Psychology is increasingly emerging as a specialty in psychology, communications and technology.

Past-President Column
Phyllis Koch-Sheras
I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge you all, particularly the working Board, for the many contributions.

APA Council of Representatives Report: August 2013 Meeting
Elizabeth Carll
The majority of Council time was focused on the discussion and approval of the historic Good Governance Project (GGP) recommendations which grew out of a three year period of assessment, research, and discussion with members.

Member News
Read the latest news of our members.

Call for Nominations for 2014 Member Recognition Awards
The Awards Committee invites you to nominate yourself, or any worthy colleague for one of the Member Recognition Awards. The deadline for nominations for the Society for Media Psychology and Technology awards is March 14, 2014. 

2013 Committee Reports
Our committee chairs report on the activities of their committees over the past six months.

From the Editor

The Postage Stamp Medium
V. Krishna Kumar
We can create our own real postage stamps to honor psychologists.

Featured Articles From 2013 Award Winners

Psychologists and the Future of Technology-based Behavior Change
Richard Bedrosian and Amy Bucher
Psychologists should prepare themselves to play a major role in the development of new tools and technologies to promote behavior change. 

Research on Cinema as Artistic Creativity: A Permanent Scientific Renaissance?
Dean Keith Simonton
Psychological science has finally rediscovered film as the seventh art.

Video Games as Part of Society
Christopher J. Ferguson
Video games, even violent ones, are here to stay.  So perhaps we should study them as part of society, rather than its enemy.

Latino Ethnic Identity Development: Parenting and Telenovelas
Debby Almonte
Telenovela viewing better predicts Latino adolescent ethnic identity than parenting styles and acculturation.

Other Featured Articles

Key Issues in Telepsychology and the Integration of Technology Into Practice
Jeffrey Barnett
With forethought and attention to several key issues, telepsychology innovations can be integrated into one’s practice ethically, legally, and competently.

Supporting the Service Member with Virtual Reality
Greg M. Reger and James Vess
Virtual reality is showing promise for supporting the behavioral health of military personnel.

Human Dimension Modeling:  Extracting Gamesmanship from Serious Games
Anthony Rolfe
The US Army’s TCM Gaming has revolutionized Games for Training by developing a capability where each soldier’s actual performance and abilities are accurately represented in their personal gaming-avatar, thus enhancing in-game realism and enabling soldiers to train as they fight.

Media Literacy Initiatives in Division 46
Pamela Rutledge, Jerri Lynn Hogg, and Fran Blumberg
Drawing on its rich history in studying media and technology, Division 46 is taking an active role in the promotion of media literacy for all ages.

VHA Innovation 669: Home-Based Telemental Health: Meeting Veterans Where They’re @
Peter Shore
In the Pacific Northwest, a paradigm shift is underway to help veterans access same day mental health care without leaving their home.

Strategies for Building a Professional Practice in the Digital World
Larry R. Taylor
How To Create Cognitive Momentum In Your Digital Marketing 

From Our Film and Television Critics

Technology and the Type T Personality in Space
Frank Farley and Mona Sarshar
Personality a weighty influence in weightless space.

Glee: Entertainment Education Takes a Back Seat
June Wilson
Glee: Opportunity Lost

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