Spring/Summer 2019 Issue

Division 46 Executive Committee photo, Farley, Stamoulis, Kumar, Broder, and D. Ryan Hooper

At the winter Board meeting. Left to right, back row: Frank Farley, Kathryn Stamoulis, and V. Krishna Kumar. Front row: Joanne Broder and D. Ryan Hooper.

President: Kathryn Stamoulis; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne, Mona Sarshar, Lauren Butler (Student), Victoria Ramsperger; Production Editor: Keith Cooke

President’s Column: Join Us
Kathryn Stamoulis
An invitation

President-Elect’s Column: The Informal Word of Mouth Medium
V. Krishna Kumar
An interpersonal spontaneous exchange of information

Council Corner
Christopher J. Ferguson

From Division 21: Synergistic Opportunities for Collaboration between Division 21 and Division 46 Members
Kim-Phuong L. Vu & Robert W. Proctor
A call for collaboration

Featured Articles

Bringing Psychology’s Stories to Life
Alicia C. Aebersold
APA’s new communication strategy is changing the way the public views psychology, one story at a time. Here’s how.

Cyber Security: Dealing with Cyber Threats
Ajay Singh
Be aware … connect with care

Trial by Media
Christopher J. Ferguson
The court(s) of media pundits!

Synesthetics, Semiotics, Semantics: The 3S Metaphor in Learning
Bernard Luskin
The convergence of Media and Learning Psychology

Celebrity: A State or a Trait?
Gayle S. Stever
Celebrity and the winds of change

Sex, Hypnosis and the Media
Steve K. D.  Eichel
Are the depictions of sex and hypnosis in the media real or fake?

From our Film Critics

An Open Letter to Henry Golding: “Everybody Wants to Be US” and “I Want a Divorce”
Mary Gregerson & Dowon Choi
“Facing it!” Reviews of Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor

The Horror, The Horror: Two New Documentaries of School Shootings-Columbine, Parkland

From the Heart of Darkness to the Light of Day: Memory Speaks
Frank Farley & Stephanie Miodus
A review of We are Columbine

Devastation from the Inside
Stephanie Miodus & Frank Farley
A review Parkland: Inside Building 12

Committee Reports

Popular Music Media Literacy for Middle School Students
Chrysalis L. Wright, Francesca Dillman Carpentier, Lesley-Ann Ey, Cougar Hall, K. Megan Hopper, & Wayne Warburton
Resources for popular music literacy

Member News

Index of Articles Published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture (2018, Volumes 3 & 4)

Division 46’s APA 2019 Program