Spring/Summer 2021 Issue

Don’t we miss these photo ops?
Courtesy Alan Entin, 2014 Convention

President: Christopher J. Ferguson; Co-Editors: V. Krishna Kumar and Kathryn Stamoulis; Editor; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joanne Broder, Mona Sarshar, Lauren Butler, and Victoria Ramsperger. Production Editor: Wade George

President’s Column: The Controversy Over Six Days in Fallujah Proves Video Game Panics are Alive and Well
Putting a cart before the horse?
Christopher J. Ferguson

President-Elect’s Column: Online 12 Step Meeting Engagement: Hindsight IS Indeed 2020 #WhatItWasLikeWhatHappenedWhatItsLikeNow
On digitally-based recovery opportunities
Don Grant

Past-President’s Column: Covid and Behavioral Change
Has the pandemic changed some of our behaviors forever?
V. Krishna Kumar

APA Council of Representatives Overview
A summary of highlights from the February 26 & 27, 2021, Council Meeting
Danny Wedding

Student Committee Column: Promoting Student Involvement and Collaboration
Stephanie Miodus & Stephanie Joseph

Featured Articles

Language Learning with Netflix
Learn a language by watching movies.
Danny Wedding

Diversity and Representation on Preschool Television Shows
Diversity in television for young children – Is there progress?
Karla R. Hamlen

Effects of COVID-19 on the Well-being of American Women Reported in the Print Media
Challenges women faced during the pandemic
Jaden Paley & Jasmin Tahmaseb-McConatha

From Our Screen Critics

An Insight Into Extraordinary Minds
A tribute to four American heroes.
Gregory F. (Greg) Zerovnik

Life in the Tent: In the Name of the Almighty
“God sets up the best traps” (Ertuğrul, Season 2, Episode 72)
V. Krishna Kumar

From Our Book Critics

Astonishing Journeys to Becoming a Psychoanalyst and Psychotherapist!
Personal passions to a professional life.
Linda Sapadin

Have Mad People Shaped Our History?
Are we living in an increasingly mad world?
Mike Brooks

Staying Cyber Strong and Cyber Resilient
Cybersecurity is a journey and not a destination
M. L. Saikumar

Member News – Spring/Summer2021