Spring/Summer 2022 Issue

President: Don Grant

Co-Editors: V. Krishna Kumar & Kathryn Stamoulis

Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joanne Broder, Mona Sarshar, Lauren Butler, & Victoria Ramsperger

Production Editor: Wade W. George

President’s Column: Streaming Now: The Geppetto and Pinocchio Literal Reboot (But Who Is Pulling The Strings & Who Is Lying?)
Don Grant

President-Elect’s Column: Poised for a Positive Path Forward
Media Psychology: Promise & Possibilities
Susan Eddington

Past-President’s Column: Some Thoughts
V. Krishna Kumar

APA Council of Representatives
Danny Wedding

Student Committee Column: Supporting Students on their Graduate School Journeys
Stephanie Miodus & Stephanie Joseph

Fact-Checking the Community Spread of COVID-19 Health Misinformation
Fact-checking fake news
Chrysalis L. Wright

The Emergence Of “Unlogic” During The Pandemic and Infodemic of 2020
The infodemic and value-free reporting
Stanley Krippner

The Comments Section: The Hidden Jackpot of Free Speech
Reflections on the suppression of speech!
Joanne Broder

Open Expression of Emotions in the Workplace: Perspectives from Digital Print Media
Recommendations for modeling emotional expression in the workplace
Anthony Ferroni & Vipanchi Mishra

Balancing Remote Work and Romantic Relationships: Recommendations From the Digital Print Media
Lessons from the media: Coping strategies for maintaining a healthy romantic relationship.
Megan Mercer & Vipanch Mishra

The Axe Files: Notes on an Unusual Case of Participatory/Performance/Entertainment (PPE) Media
Frank Farley & Lauren Butler

From Our Film Critic

A Review of Peter Jackson’s “Get Back,” the Beatles’ final concert
Gregory F. (Greg) Zerovnik

From Our Book Critic

Measurement: A Judgment Call?
A review of Noise A Flaw in Human Judgment.
V. Krishna Kumar