Spring/Summer 2014 Issue

President: Bernard Luskin; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne; Student Editorial Assistant: Marc Cavella


psychology and media in the digital age

Logo by Vincent W. Hevern, Le Moyne College

President’s Column: Media Psychology and Technology 2014:  A Call to Action
Bernard Luskin
Leadership will shape the future of the Society for Media Psychology and Technology.


President-Elect’s Column: Sense of Presence
Jerri Lynn Hogg
A modern-day lament is that we no longer connect with each other or put the technology away long enough to enjoy a face-to-face conversation.

Past-President’s Column: Focus on Technology: Electronic Health Records
Mary Karapetian Alvord
Many advantages are associated with incorporating EHR systems into one’s practice.

APA Council of Representatives Report: February 2014 Meeting
Elizabeth Carll

From the Editor

The Amplifier Magazine: New Name, New Look, New Possibilities
V. Krishna Kumar

Featured Articles

Photo by Erinn CrosbyCapturing the Psychological Moment: The Photopsychology of Erinn Cosby
Frank Farley and Mona Sarshar
The symbiosis of photographs and psychology in the eye of an expert.



Protest Movements

How Protest Movements Shape What Media Reports and Their Impact on Protests’ Success
Michael P. Boyle
Protesters’ attempts to gain media attention may be a double-edged sword as critical coverage can have negative effects on protest movements.


Army Releases Virtual Battle Space 3 Computer Game
Marco Conners
The latest gaming program for the Army.

Military’s New Fathers to Facilitate Synchronous Family Systems
Mary Gregerson, Daniel Singley, and Steven Nissenbaum
Historical evidence, current status, and future developments of media program formats for training new fathers in the military are examined.

Equity, Technology, and Narrowing the Digital Divide
Jamillah Moore
To adequately educate our students they will need access to technology at schools and homes. 

My Love Affair With Writing
Linda Sapadin


Advertising Effects of e-cigarettes on Youth: Why Media Psychologists Should Care
June Wilson
Have e-cigarettes risen from the ashes?

From Our Film and Television Critics

Heroism’s Ambiguities: A Review of the Film Lone Survivor
Frank Farley and Erinn Cosby
True horror in an actual Navy Seals mission impossible, amid ambiguous heroism.

Loudmouth With Heart Provides Salvation: A Review of Bar Rescue
David Chirko
After seeing Taffer’s assessment, owners, managers, and staff in the bars rescued in the series exhibit such emotions as pride, shame, guilt, and anger.

Think for Yourself: A Review of Mind Your Mind
Marc Cavella
Mind Your Mind proves to be a useful (if brief) introduction to the potential perils of modern persuasive techniques.

Member News

Student Scholar Spotlight: Maureen O’Boyle Feldman
Tunisha Singleton and Shayne Aquino
Showcasing the work of a student or recent graduate.

Publication and Submission Guidelines

2014 Committee Reports

US Capitol, Washington, DCDivision 46 Convention Program, Washington, DC
Awards for the Society for Media Psychology and Technology
Corporate Communications Report
Media Watch Committee Awards Golden Psi to Law and Order
Membership Chair Update
Student Committee Report

Division Bylaws and Meeting Minutes

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