Spring/Summer 2015 Issue

President: Jerri Lynn Hogg; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne; Justin Karter (Student)

President’s Column: The Role of Media Psychology and Technology in Enhancing Five Core Behaviors for Promoting Good
Jerri Lynn Hogg
New technologies can facilitate your being healthy and happy.

President-Elect’s Column: Nyi* Psychology of Water Technology and Resource Management
Mary Gregerson
Water Conservation, Technology, & Media Psychology

Past-President’s Column: Forensic Media Psychology: A Growing Professional Specialty
Bernard Luskin
The role of Forensic Media Psychology in and outside of courtrooms.

APA Council of Representatives Report
Elizabeth Carll

From the Editor: My first Experience with a Reporter
V. Krishna Kumar
What a reporter focused on in a news story 

Featured Articles

Do Sex and Violence Sell?
Robert B. Lull and Brad J. Bushman
Advertisements are more effective in nonviolent and nonsexual programs.

Branded Content and Transmedia Storytelling
Billie Goldman
Using media technologies to create high impact social films

Evolution of Television in Pakistan
Shahbaz Siddiqui
The journey that started in 1964 with the launch of PTV has evolved into more than 80 licensed satellite channels.

Still Divided: Technology and Inequality
Jasmin Tahmaseb McConatha and Michael J. Corcoran
Elders lag behind other age groups on technology use

The Digital Drug
Don Grant
Is the smartphone our dangerously addictive new mass drug of choice?

Brands Harnessing Digital Marketing to Maintain Superiority over Consumer Reviews
Heidi West
Brands declare ‘Check mate’ 

Student Spotlight: Boontarika “Boonie” Sripom
Shayne Aquino

Book and Film Reviews

Detoxing Negative Thoughts
Kathryn Stamoulis
Review of The Girly Thoughts 10-Day Detox

All The Lonely People: Music on Life’s Discordant Journey
Don Baird
A review of Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados (Living is easy with eyes closed)

Member News

Committee Reports

APA Toronto Program Convention Committee: Program Highlights
Awards Committee
Fellows Committee
Membership Committee
Student Committee Announcement
Telepsychology Committee

Special Interest Group Reports

Media First Response Consultation Update
Positive Media & Technology

Index of Articles Published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture, Vol 4 (1,2).

Division Bylaws

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