Fall/Winter 2014 Issue

President: Bernard Luskin; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne; Student Editorial Consultant: Marc Cavella


President’s Column: Media Psychology in 2015
Bernard Luskin
Why Media psychology is an important tool for every psychologist!

President-Elect’s Column: Media Psychology and Technology for Good
Jerri Lynn Hogg
Division 46 members using media psychology and technology in innovative ways to make it matter 

Past-President’s Column: Focus on Technology:  Disseminating “Psychology” into the Classroom
Mary Karapetian Alvord
Giving psychology away 

Remembering Stuart Fischoff: Division 46 Founding President
Rachel Fischoff

APA Council of Representatives Report: August 2014 Meeting
Elizabeth Carll

From the Editor

Cyber Privacy
V. Krishna Kumar
Governments, Corporations, Hackers and You

Featured Articles from 2014 Award Winners 

Dealing in Psychology When Not Taking Pictures
Alan D. Entin
Intersection of art, creativity, photography, and phototherapy

Our Colleagues Need Media Training: How We Can Help
Pauline Wallin
Demystifying the journalist interview process for media-shy colleagues

Transmedia Literacy: Expanding the Media Literacy Frontier
Pamela Rutledge
Critical thinking across multiple modalities 

Scamming the Scandal: Photo Leaks and Feminism
Allison Otto
Feminism related to technology and privacy

Other Featured Articles 

New Serious Games Teach Counseling Best Practices to U.S. Army Leaders
Mary Gregerson & Marco Conners
ELITE is a new series of interactive and self-paced instructional video game simulation exercises for training U.S. Army leaders for improving their counseling knowledge and skills 

Make a Difference! Media First Response Is Crisis Media Consultation for Community Leaders and Journalists
Mary Gregerson, Christopher Ferguson, June Wilson, & Rodney Lowman
On designing the APA Division 46 SMP&T Media First Response (MFR) training.

From Our Book Critics

A Hollywood Master of Scary Movies Examines America’s Schools!
Frank Farley, James Boney, Joseph Kumi, Benhee Lee, Bernadette Maher, Michael Minnig, and Mona Sarshar
Is M.Night Shyamalan the Exorcist of Education?”

From Our Film and Television Critics 

A Gift for Enthusiasm: The Existential Journey of Roger Ebert
Don Baird
A Review of Life Itself (2014) 

Student Scholar Spotlight: Tristin Engels, PsyD
Tunisha Singleton and Shayne Aquino
Showcasing the work of a student or recent graduate

APA 2014 Convention Photos: Courtesy of Alan Entin

Member News 

Publication and Submission Guidelines

2014 Committee Reports

Fellows Committee Report

Membership Chair Update

Student Committee Announcement


For Division Bylaws and Meeting Minutes, please visit http://www.apa.org/divisions/div46/

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