Spring/Summer 2016 Issue

View of Denver, Colorado Skyline

View of Denver, Colorado Skyline

President: Mary Gregerson; Editor: V. Krishna Kumar; Associate Editor: Kathryn Stamoulis; Consulting Editors: Frank Farley, Joseph Browne; Justin Karter (Student); Ad-hoc Reviewers: Bernard Luskin

President’s Column: Primum non nocere, First, Do No Harm
Mary Gregerson
Together, let us ride the 2016 Conestoga Wagon on new trails to experiment with new ways to improve our Society

President-Elect’s Column: Device Management and Inter-Division Community Building
Joanne Broder Sumerson
Here is a glimpse at the direction of your division in 2017…

Past-President’s Column: Virtual Reality: It Is About the Experience, Not the Immersion
Jerri Lynn Hogg
Virtual reality, the experience of “being there”

From the Editor: The Internet and Seniors
 V. Krishna Kumar
Can Internet use contribute to life satisfaction for seniors?

Featured Articles

Human Rights and Refugee Access to Information
Janet de Merode
Serving distressed mobile populations

Street Gangs and Social Media: A New Social Problem
Christopher J. Przemieniecki
Gangs use social media to glamorize, glorify, and share their exploits about gang lifestyle

Death by Press Release: Why Scholars’ Public Statements So Often Don’t Match Their Data
Christopher J. Ferguson
Bad press releases hurt psychology as much as the replication crisis

A Day in the Life of a Psychology Video Producer
Roger Klein
Every shoot is a new topic, a new psychologist, a new set of concerns, a challenge I look forward to

Why Did #TheDress Go Viral and Why Did it Happen So Quickly?
Brian E. Kinghorn, PhD
Highlighting conflicting intersections between perception and reality

Washing Behind the Ears: Coming Clean With Corporate Disney
Sean P. Thoennes
Go behind the scenes at Disney to get a media psychologists’ perspective on how to find and keep the magic in your career

From Our Book, Film, and Theater Critics

Do Our Teens Live in a Hyper-Sexualized, Pornography Ridden World?
Kathryn Stamoulis
A review of N. J. Sales. American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers

Nautical Goliath Spares Defiant “David” in a Tables-Turning Whale Tale
Joseph Rodman, Mary Gregerson, & Marco C. Conners
Ron Howard’s latest film captures moments of classic Hollywood thrills in recreating the true story that inspired Moby Dick, but stale characters and a reticent, paint-by-numbers script render it a missed opportunity

Learn From the Animals: The Jungle Book
Frank Farley and Lauren Renee Butler
Great graphic beasts abound with a beautiful boy in a brilliant remake

Hamilton the Musical Through the Lens of Positive Psychology
Susan Birne-Stone
It is positively that good

Member News

Membership Notes
Joanne Broder Sumerson

Index of Articles Published in Psychology of Popular Media Culture

Division 46 2016 APA Denver Program
June Wilson, Kathryn E. Stamoulis, and Mary Gregerson