Student Committee Column: 2020 Reflections

Stephanie Miodus

Stephanie Miodus

Stephanie Joseph

Stephanie Joseph

Stephanie Miodus, MA, MEd

Stephanie Joseph, MA, MEd

As 2020 draws to a close and we reflect on this past year as Student Committee co-chairs, we want to thank all the students who have been involved in our initiatives. We started the year with the primary goal of increasing opportunities for students within the Division, and are excited to have introduced the following:

  1. Psych w/ a Twist of Media & Tech Podcast. The Student Committee podcast Psych w/ a Twist of Media & Tech (, hosted by Steph2, was released in August. Our first two guests were Division 46 members, Joanne Broder on the dissertation process, and Linda Sapadin on procrastination. For our third podcast, Dr. Andres De Los Reyes joined us for a conversation on narrative storytelling in the media and early career research. Our next episode to be released this month features Dr. Chanda Reynolds discussing the creation of her app promoting mental health in the Black community, as well as how to get involved in the media as a student. We are eager to continue bringing leaders in the field into conversations through the podcast to expose students to real-world applications and information in media psychology and technology.
  2. Mentorship Program. Through our mentorship program, we have matched students and psychologists at all levels to foster relationships within the Division and enhance the professional development of student members. We will be highlighting a few testimonials from our student members about how their matches are going. Stay tuned.
  3. Student Accountability Groups. Two student writing accountability groups are currently regularly meeting. These groups engage in writing tasks with the support of other students that can provide feedback and/or motivation in completing research and writing. Thus far, graduate students have been successful in meeting writing goals for dissertations and journal articles, while undergraduate students have used the time for graduate school applications.
  4. Student Listserv. This year a student-specific listserv was developed to share resources and our Division programming. This listserv is an open forum, and we invite our student members to post and discuss topics related to students and the field of media and psychology.
  5. Social Media Team. The Student Committee is forming a Social Media Team to manage the Division 46 Facebook and Twitter pages. This team is responsible for sharing articles and news related to the Division to raise public awareness of innovations in media psychology and technology, as well as the work of the Division and its members.

We appreciate the support of our Division President, Krishna Kumar, and the Executive Board for supporting our new initiatives throughout the year. As we start the new year, we hope to continue expanding on these opportunities, while introducing new programming. We would love for student members to join us (and interested students to consider joining us and the Division) in these initiatives to increase student presence and involvement within Division 46. Thank you everyone for a great year and we look forward to continuing to build a vibrant, supportive student community within Division 46 in 2021.

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